Penis and Testicle Stir Fry

OMG, Really? I’m so freaked out I don’t even know what to say! Lets start with this excerpt from the New York Daily News:

Mao Sugiyama had his penis and testicles removed by a surgeon in March and kept them in his freezer for two months before cooking them at an exclusive Tokyo gathering. Diners said the meal was rubbery and tasteless.

I’m all queasy and scared, and scarred, inside. Just how fucked up do you have to be to have someone cut off your junk, then take your junk and feed it to people who actually paid for the chance to eat human organs? I mean, sure I saw Silence of the Lambs, and that freaked me out too, but that was just a movie, this is real life…

You know, I always thought I was just as tough as the next guy, but I can’t even write this story and make fun of it, I’m just too freaked out. I’ll leave you with this final quote, since I really need to go throw up, and then curl up in a corner somewhere and whimper while holding my junk.

Photos from the event showed Sugiyama in a white frock and chef’s hat, standing over a portable gas burner and slicing up the organs in front of a roomful of curious diners.

Vomitus Maximus (AKA: Whimpering Junk Holder)

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