No Law Against Being a Dumb Ass

I was wandering through the trash that litters my RSS news reader’s in-box this morning, and found a little nugget abut a guy from NH who has bad judgment, but still has the legal right to have children. Seriously folks, when are they going to start making people take a class or pass a test or something, before they let them have kids?

It seems that back in March, a guy by the name of Christopher Lunny of Strafford, NH, decided he wanted to go to the movies. “Well”, you ask, “what’s the big deal about that, lots of people go to the movies every day, right?” Sure lots of people go to the movies every day, and it’s a good thing, since it sort of helps the economy. ($5.00 popcorn’s got to be helping someone make money…)

Well, it looks like Mr. Lunny was watching his child that day and decide to leave it in the car while he went to the movies. You’re probably going, “so what, most teenage kids would rather stay in the car, or wander around the mall instead of going to the movies with dad”, and you’d be mostly right. Except for one thing, his kid is just three years old!

Who leaves a 3 year old buckled in the car while they go to the movies? When my kids were three, I had to beat them every time we got in the car, because they would try to take their seat belts off and run around the inside of the car like cats on crack. We’re probably all lucky it was his spawn, so that it didn’t have the mental capacity to unlock it’s seat belt, open the door, and wander into the nearest river or onto the nearest highway.

Here is the article, in, if you’re interested in reading it. On a side note, it looks like Mr. Lunny was arrested in July of 2008, for “driving after suspension/revocation of his license”. That was reported in the Hampton Police Logs for July 29, 2008.

Mayor Rabbit, Rabbit, White Rabbit!” Woo Hoo, I just stole your luck sucker! (Am I the only one that thinks I need more medication? “Not that I’m taking anything now. No, really I’m not, I’m perfectly sane”)

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