Washington DC: Idiot Town’s New City Council

The city counsel in Washington DC is today’s honorary Idiot Town city council. According to their new “Disposable-Plastic-and-Paper-Bag” law, residents of Washington DC, as of January 1, will have to pay 5 cents for every disposable paper or plastic bag that they use while shopping.

According to a report in USAToday, by Wendy Koch,

Most of the money raised from the new law, which passed the D.C. Council unanimously in June and took effect New Year’s Day, will go toward cleaning up the city’s Anacostia River. City research has found plastic bags are a major source of the river’s trash.

If you live in DC, make sure you dump all your plastic and paper bags in the Anacostia River when you’re done with them. You might as well, you already paid to have them picked up…

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