Fast And Moronious In Canada

I’m pretty sure Moronious is my own word, but most people should be able to figure out I was going for a “Fast and Furious” type title… and even if moronious isn’t a word, it should be. I mean there’s felons, and they’re felonious, so why can’t morons be moronious. OK, maybe I’m trying a little too hard here. LOL

The story in question pertains to one Randy George Scott of Victoria, who, according the an article on, posted a video of himself going 186mph on his motorcycle. He then posted the video on Youtube, and now the cops are looking for him. While I’m all for going as fast as you can without killing other people, I’m not for giving the cops a copy of the evidence.

Now the the Saanich Police Department, on Vancouver Island want to have a talk with the young man in question… I wonder why?

Here’s the Youtube video for those who want to live vicariously through Randy:

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