Rosa Brooks Advocates Gov’t Control of Media

Another one of Obama’s people, Rosa Brooks, proved that she’s an Idiot by saying that the goverment should license jouranlists and bail out the media with public dollars. That way we would be assured that the media would be around to take the government to task when needed.

Ok, the last time I checked, you didn’t talk bad about your boss because it could get you fired. In this instance, if the Federal Government was giving out licenses to practice journalism, does’t it stand to reason that the journalists would be afraid to say anything bad about the Goverment in fear of retaliation and losing their license? Wow, sometimes you just have to say WTF and ask yourself where Obama finds these people…

Read the story over at

ps. Didn’t the Russians do this? You know, the whole “State News Agency” thingy?

The Real Idiot Town

I’ve decided that I’m going to leave the Idiots in LA alone, and concentrate on the ones that get voted into power and sent to Washington D.C.. Of course, I could just make fun of the people who send them there, but that’s not really fair; we only have so many Idiots to choose from.

So, come back often and see which politician is the current honorary Mayor of Idiot Town.

PS. Did anyone notice the redundancy in naming the Politician Category?

So Many Idiots, So Little Time!

There’s so many idiots in the world, that I don’t even know where to start with this post. There’s a story in the Glob and Mail about an art student who built a fake bomb art project and left it outside a museum. Well, in this day and age, who the heck is going to think thats a good idea. Sure we’ve all heard that any publicity is good publicity, but when the artist may end up wearing an orange jump suit and bunking with a guy named Bubba or Antone, who like their artists sunny side up, I don’t see the upside… LOL

Press 1 For English.

I was listening to my wife on the phone the other day as she was trying to get rid of our Charter cable service. It was so funny, I almost peed myself.

“I would like to cancel my charter cable service please.”

“No, I don’t want to add the HBO/Showtime package to my Charter cable package, I would like to cancel it.”


“No, I can’t understand you. What?”

“No, I want you to cancel my service so that I don’t have it anymore.”


“What Part of cancel my service don’t you understand?”


OK, about now I was laying on the floor laughing my ass off. Shes yelling at some poor Indian or Pakistani guy named “Paul” or “Tom” who just barely made it through the english language class and is hanging on to his call center job in Timbuktu, India or Hakistani, Pakistan by the skin of his one remaining tooth.

After she gets the manager on the line and explains what she wants and needs and hangs up, I ask her WTF she was thinking yelling ” Give Me Someone Who Speaks English” at some poor 3rd world Pakistani with 17 kids to feed.

Here answer blew me away, and should make the rest of you PC bastards pay attention. She said, and I quote.

“The recording said to press 1 for English, but they lied. I pressed 1 but the Fu**er I got didn’t speak English, so I finally freaked out and lost it. If it says they’ll speak english to you, then they should Fu**ing speak english!”

My wife rocks,

The Mayor of a Northern English Speaking Populace.

Jesus Loves Me, But The Feds Don’t!

Jesus loves me this I know,
cause he makes my weed plant grow.

The Man, he taxes my smokes and booze,
That’s why Maryjane’s the drug I choose.

OK, that should get me on someone’s dope smoking list. Or maybe an anti-tax list.

(What the heck am I doing, it just dawned on me that now you just know the IRS is going to see if I’m paying taxes, and the ATF are going to be watching my every move to see if they can seize my house, cars, kids and the dog by planting a stem and a seed in my garbage can.)


Mayor, (The Man to you, Foolio) of Idiottown

Chris Cagle Arrested For Being a Pussy!

Chris Cagle was arrested in Tennessee for being a pussy, after his girlfriend beat him up this morning. It wasn’t really a beating, but since she held her own, Nashville police figured he wasn’t much of a man and arrested his stupid hick ass and tossed him in jail. They figured that if he couldn’t even keep his girlfriend from pounding him, that they could cut down on in-jail violence by letting the local jail population give him a little ass pounding.

(Shit boy, if you can’t even beat the crap out of a woman, you ain’t much of a man!)

According to the guys over at

Police responded at 4:40 a.m. and said that Cagle’s girlfriend, Jennifer Tant, 29, hit Cagle in the head with an umbrella, while Cagle, 39, struck her with a purse.

OMG, was the purse his? Is that why they tossed his ass in jail? Was the “Country Star” wandering around Nashville with a purse, and then he got arrested for assault for hitting a girl with his purse? I wonder if this will end up on his next CD; “My Life’s Been a Country Song 2”?

Have I said this yet? “What a pussy!”

Mayor of Idiot Town, and way too much of a man to hit a girl with my purse….

“Paris Hilton Has Great Sex”

I found that statement about Paris Hilton’s sexual experiences over on Mitchieville’s blog. Mitch is obviously funnier than hell and writes the same kind of stuff I do… Mean, Nasty and usually right on Target!

What Mitch was referring to was a German article that said smart women don’t have as many orgasms because they are spending too much time thinking, while stupid women tend to have better sex and more orgasms. Hence his statement that, “A German study released today says that Paris Hilton has great sex”.

He also pointed out that Britney Spears is probably giving Paris Hilton a pretty tight race… By the way, what goes “step, breath, step, breath, step, breath, swallow, breath, step, breath etc…?

Paris talking herself through walking and breathing at the same time…

Mayor of Smartville Idiot Town, where the sex is always good for the inhabitants!

New Prison Bitch

Mr. Wesley Snipes spent the afternoon trying on ass-virginity belts after a federal judge handed down a three year prison sentence for tax evasion. After finding a belt that fits him now, and picking up a spare in a larger size for those times of the month when he’s feeling bloated, Mr. Snipes then went to his doctor to have his mangina tuned up to “make sure it was in shape for the hard three years ahead of it”.

We’ll miss you Mr. Snipes, and hope Bubba in the next bunk misses you most of the time too.

While I hate to see anyone actually pay their taxes, I bet Mr. Snipes wishes he would have now. Read the story over at the Times.

Mayor of Tax Town Idiot Town

I’m a Seven, Urinate!

Hey, what do you get when you gets pissed (Drunk for you Yanks…) and piss in front of a police station in Melbourne, Australia?

8 hours of community service and a reputation as being unable to hold your booze of course…

So, all together now:
“I’m a 7, your an 8,
unzip your pants before it’s too late!”

The Mayor of Golden Showerville “nwottoidI”
(IdiotTown spelled bass ackwards in salute to our friends down under!)

Knoxville Tennessee Village Idiots

OMG I love it when the inbred locals start acting up in Tennessee, Again! You know the type, they’ve got a single wide trailer with an old worn out couch on the falling down front porch, and there are 3 coon dogs and what’s left of last years garbage piled on it. And, if you fly over it, you can see the target painted on the roof “so’s the Tornado Gods have some’thin to aim fer”.

Here’s a little lesson in economics before we get to the good stuff.
It’s cheaper to have a big screen television set delivered to your home, than it is to have to pay $2,000.00 to the judge for bail money for yourself and your wife, sister, grandma, cousin, daughter or whatever she is.

Oh wait, here’s another little gem you should keep in mind. Transporting minors in the trunk of your car can lead to arrest and conviction for child neglect, endangering a child and for being stupid. (OK, you caught me, they can’t really arrest you for being stupid, but they should be able to…. as long as I’m the one who gets to make the call, and not some half-wit cop with a high school diploma and a full blown case of “Little Man Syndrome”.)

But, I digress. Let’s get back to the good stuff:

According to the website, this is what happened, and I quote…

“A man and woman were arrested in Cumberland County Monday after putting a teenager in a car trunk to make room in the car for a television.”

Whooooooo Hoooooo, you know you be an inbred piece of sh*t if you make a human being ride in the trunk of your car so’s you can get yo TV home to the kinfolk. Yippity bee, you all’s kinfolk is angry now, not gettin to watch Mayor Jerry Springer or throw sponge bricks at that nasty “Offra” woman who’s so uppity.

Fricken White Trash Losers!

The Mayor of a Northern Town, way, far away from Tennessee!
ps. the comments on this story are funnier than the damn story. Read them HERE!