Idiot Town’s New Redneck Award

Wow, you’d think that the first Idiot Redneck award would go to some guy in Tennessee with one tooth and a first cousin type wife with crossed eyes and 14 kids, but guess what, you’d be wrong. Sure this weeks winner is from Tennessee, but it’s a her, not a him.

Erica Hopper of Speedwell, Tennessee was arrested for drunk driving after she wrecked her car on the way to the hospital. Why was she so all-fired-up to get to the hospital? Because she was trying to get her husband, who was suffering from a gunshot, there to save his life. Of course, since she was the one who shot him, the police aren’t giving her any breaks on the DUI…

I don’t suppose that losing her license for 6 months for the DUI will matter much, when you figure she’ll probably get more time than that for shooting her husband. I was going to give her the Idiot Town Drunk Award, but the Redneckness of the whole thing won out. Read More

Mayor No-Neck (Just Call Me Guido.)

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