Students Protest Concealed Handguns on Campus

What a bunch of Effing idiots. What part of of “protect yourself from crazies”, don’t these dumb ass students understand? If I’m a student, and someone comes into the classroom and starts shooting other students, I want to be able to pull out my Browning Hipower and shoot the crazy bastard in the head. Hell, even if I miss, it’s not like I he wasn’t going to shoot me anyway, and now maybe he’ll keep his head down long enough for a few of my fellow students to get away.

200 dumb assed students from the University of Texas went to Austin, Texas last Thursday to protest against a bill that would allow concealed carry at public Universities in Texas. The dumbasse’s line of reasoning is that having guns on campus would restrict the free flow of ideas because people would be afraid to argue, and would increase the chance that minor squables would turn into shootings.

I haven’t checked out Universities in Texas, but I’m pretty sure that baseball bats are legal, but there’s probably no more than 2 or 3 baseball bat beatings a year… So what’s the big deal if a guy settles an argument with a gun? In Texas they have the chair, so it’ll turn out even in the end anyway.

The bottom line is that giving the people the chance to carry concealed will give the bad guys a really good reason to go somewhere else for their shooting sprees. When was the last time a gunman went into a police department in the United States and gunned down 13 people? What? Pretty much never? Do you know why? Because they all have guns you f*cking morons.

Here are a couple of story links and the

Mayor out to 1500 meters with my .338 Lapua

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